History of the Orchestra

AMO Conductors

2018 - present Ron White

2006 - 2018 Daniel Bruce

2004 - 2006 Anne Decker

1993 - 2004 David Gusakov

1988 - 1993 Richard Moorhouse

1986 - 1988 Tom Toner

1984 - 1986 Ray Anderson

The Amateur Musicians Orchestra, based in Burlington, Vermont, was founded in 1984 with some early support from the Burlington Friends of Music and St. Paul's Ministry of the Arts. The orchestra was created to provide a musical outlet for amateur, adult musicians. Many of the orchestra's founding members were parents of children involved in music, who realized that they missed playing music themselves. Some had not picked up their instruments in years, a result of busy lives and adult responsibilities. The AMO gave these musicians a chance to dust off their instruments and get together once a week to play music in a relaxed atmosphere.

Newspaper Clippings

In the early years, the AMO had as few as 10 to 20 members, who would sometimes switch instruments to help fill in parts that were missing. From humble beginnings, the orchestra gradually improved and gained confidence, and eventually began giving small-scale concerts for family and friends. The musicians would serve refreshments and socialize with the audience afterward, a tradition that continues to this day.

The AMO now has approximately 50 - 60 members, and the level of musicianship continues to improve from each year to the next. The orchestra performs two concerts each year that are free and open to the public.